Anohana, Gestapo and nudes.

And guitar. And unrequited love. And Nabari no Ou. And plans for the future. And anxiety. Staying up late. Waking up early. Doing nothing. Crying inside. Bored. Drawing. Vices. Rock FM. Nostalgia. Urge to go to the seaside. And fear. All of these, together, myself now. 

-And, still I say, I don’t give a fuck.-


They always say that you have to forget the past, to move on, to live your life. But the past made you, if the past wasn’t the way it was, you wouldn’t be the person you are now. The past matters. It really does.  All the precious memories, the people you’ve met, the people that aren’t here anymore, you need to keep them in your heart. And the mistakes, you should never be ashamed of your mistakes. They’re part of you. You do have to moe on, but you can simply clear your mind, close your eyes , think of the past for a moment, appreciate it, then think about the future and go ahead, meeting it.

Also, sorry for the english, I just felt like it would sound better this way.